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Does not allow to turn photos

This program simply does not allow you to turn your pictures.

A Collage Maker That Works with Mac

This product does the job! Easy drag and drop to create a wide variety of layouts. There’s also the ability to customize with text and background colors and gradients. I found it very simple to use and would highly recommend. To those reviewers who stated that they could not use it with Photos: Simply export the photos you wish to collage onto a desktop folder. From there you can easily access the photos you wish to use for your collage.


I love this product. Simple and user friendly!


It is a great software. There just needs to be a redo button instead of reopening the software. But overall it is all i need to finish a project.

Love this APP!!!

I finally found a easy to use collage app to make put photos together for every event. I’m so happy that I found this. I would recommend this app to my friends and family. I see nothing wrong with this app at all.


This application is ok. not a lot of choices. I found it a little boring,

Beware: Does not actually save your project

You can save a project BUT: all of the positioning and resizing adjustments you have made are NOT saved. Redo them each time you re-open! Unbelievably tedious to lose all those after “saving” a project.

Works Great and Very Easy

This is such an easy application, and it’s doing precisely what I needed for my blog. It’s all very intuitive and drag/drop simple. So much easier than messing with Preview’s many settings.

Does not work.

The app allows me to set up a basic collage but does not allow any further functionality - can’t do anything with it. The app makes a error sound at ech mouse click after I have added some photos.

Not intuitive, waste of time

This app makes an easy job hard. It may not waste your money, but it sure wastes time. Deleted.

Making a Collage Is Easy

This app is simple and easy to use. I’ve made custom desktops with it and other collages that I’ve emailed and texted to friends, and others I have used as images for tweets and social media posts. Photo Collage Maker is straightforward and the results are great. It’s been very useful to me, to say the least.

GREAT APP! Easy to use, simple and fast!

I got this app for a last minute solution to posting a birthday collage for my daughter on social media. Only took about 15 minutes and I had the collage completed and posted. Intuitive and easy to use, I highly recommend for a quick collage solution for any need.

Good Intro to learn...

I was struggling with dated Adobe skills and needed a simple layout program to make a twitter banner. I started here to learn and then upgraded to Pro, I think in part because it did seem much easier to access my photos though this could just have been my imagination. I only did one or two projects and still don’t quite understand how to better control organization of photos uploaded within the grid I set up, but for only spending a few hours once or twice I did get a tangible result with which I was pleased. I didn’t use this for the twitter banner because I think it is way too much imagery. And in addition, the way in which I set up page and brought in images (multiple, like 27 pictures) + their likely larger file size did not give a great result. But, I think this is a Twitter Banner learning curve. I read this when I did it in March 2016, but I believe there have been changes in how Twitter brings in the banner for faster load speed. So, if this is the project, it might be worth reading through any link about current twitter banner to better understand how each image possibly may need to be sized even prior to bringing into College Pro or CollegeFactory software to get a better result. BTW, I have used many different programs over last 20 years, but I’m really lazy about learning basics about things like sizing photos when I haven’t done digital layout in a long time or used a program like Adobe PsD with any consistency/ +I get overwelmed with today’s “speed classes” and learn little. So, it’s probably now time I focus on doing myself step by step with some tutorial and do it enough times that I can be proficient. But, if one just wants to play for a bit, get something that looks good on digital screen and can be printed to “get back into” this stuff, it was a good program for me. Point is, I probably didn’t do things correctly or with best habits, but I was able to ‘make’ something.

Best collage app ever

It’s simple, easy to use, and already have sufficient options for you. I think it’s better than many of the phone collage app!!! I love it!

very disappointed

Found uploading photos slow and not well integrated to photo on macbook pro. Then when I did drop my photo into the collage it loaded it upside down and wouldn’t let me rotate the photo. At that point I decided to walk away from the computer.

Overall pretty great

I have never used a piece of software like this so I can;t compare this to other ones, but I think this is a pretty great piece of software. It has one glitch. If I zoom in on a photot and crop it within the window, when I reopen the project, it has reverted to the original size and cropping and I have to redo it. Also it exports the p[icture at a decent resolution but not as high as the original photos. Maybe the pay version is better about that.But for free, I like this and have used it a lot.

basic features are disabled

Most basic features like rotate are disabled in free version. Why would I buy this app before i can test that out ?

Does not work well with Photos…. not good.

When I selected using Photos, they show up correctly in the list of items selected, but when I add them, it no longer accounts for the camera’s rotation, so many photos are sideways, some are upside down…. I absolutely could not find any way to rotate images in this app, but also assume that they should initially open right-side up, just like they do in preview. I wasted my time installing, and am done wasting it trying to find a way to make it work. It should work out of the box.

Very basic and poor

I couldnt really do anything, and everything is hidden behind IAP upgrades, like page size. I deleted this one and moved on.

Good program, but with annoyances

The free version of the program was easy to figure out and use. Export worked well. I liked the text annotations. Placing them was simple, though getting the text to look good was a struggle. The program would swap pairs of images at will. And there’s no way to brighten or edit the image.

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